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“TRAGOS” was founded in 2018 with the aim of producing and promoting high quality agricultural products. We are convinced that such products can best be produced from native plant species farmed in an organic and sustainable manner. Our country, Greece, with its variety of species, abundant sun and varied soil and microclimate conditions, is a laboratory for the creation of unique agricultural products. We want to explore and highlight this potential.

We wish to counteract to the agricultural industrialization of the country so future generations can find clean and fertile land. We seek to contribute to the disengagement of the country from the “monoculture” of tourism and to the strengthening of the productive and social dynamics of the province.

It is part of our mission to bring the consumer closer to the producer and the product and enable him to understand the agricultural production process and the benefits of sustainable farming practices. The consumer has lost touch with agriculture and knows little about food production. However, with his choices he directs production. It is essential that he is informed and involved.

It is inherent in a project like ours to seek collaborations with those who have similar ideas and goals. We are lucky to have found such people on our journey so far and we will be happy for everyone we meet along the way! Feel free to get in touch with us.

Nice to have you here! Have fun on our website!

Panagiotis Verveniotis




Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olive oil “ΤΡΑΓΟΣ” is produced from olives of the “manaki” variety located in the area of Ancient Corinth. Through early harvesting (mid/end October) and immediate pressing, we achieve the production of a strongly aromatic and fruity oil.

“Manaki” has “deep roots” in the region of Corinth and its cultivation is wide spread there; hence this variety is also popularly known as the “Corinthian”. The olive oil from this variety is distinguished by its sweet taste and fruity aromas.

We’re proud that the olives for “ΤΡΑΓΟΣ” come from “arid”, i.e. not irrigated, groves, as this preserves water reserves. Since the area of Corinth is particularly warm and rainless, the groves are planted sparsely, so trees don’t compete for moisture. Even so, only a fragment of the trees manages to bear fruit each year. But they make most exquisite oil. And besides, isn’t this the right way to do this? We think so.

All groves for “ΤΡΑΓΟΣ” have been made available to the project by people involved in the project, their friends and families. They are cultivated by Elton Berdufi, with whom we have a long-standing relationship, with maximum respect for the trees and their environment.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil ΤΡΑΓΟΣ
(Packaging: Bottle 1lt)

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Εxtra Organic Virgin Olive Oil «ΤΡΑΓΟΣ and Friends»
(Packaging: Bottle 750ml and Tin 3lt)

ΤΡΑΓΟΣ and Friends

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (organic)

For “ΤΡΑΓΟΣ and Friends” we use oil from two varieties, the “manaki” and the “koroneiki” variety. The two varieties are harvested separately, depending on their maturity, and then brought together. “ΤΡΑΓΟΣ and Friends” thus combines the fruity taste of the “manaki” with the spiciness of the “koroneiki” variety! We are sure that you will love it!

“ΤΡΑΓΟΣ and Friends” is not only an excellent olive oil. It is of particular importance to us because it inaugurates our collaboration with other producers in our region who share our values. Yiannis Agistriotis loves his land and takes care of his trees with knowledge and passion. We are very happy to have him in our team!


We consider it an important part of our project to give to the consumers insight into the production processes and the opportunity to become involved. Informed consumers are more likely to consume responsibly” and the benefits of that will go beyond the success of ΤΡΑΓΟΣ or of other likeminded initiatives.

In this section we will be providing information about production processes and products.

In our “Diary” we inform about the farming of the groves for our olive oil “ΤΡΑΓΟΣ” and the oil’s production.

And of course, you can “visit us” on the fields, observe the work and maybe help some too!

In our “FAQs” you will find information about olive oil in general.

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If you are interested in learning more about our project or our products
or want to collaborate with us or have a suggestion or idea to convey to us,
please contact us via email (info[a]


If you are interested in learning more about our project or our products or want to collaborate with us or have a suggestion or idea to convey to us, please contact us via email (info[a]

Alternatively, you can use the contact form below.



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