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Terms of Use

This website (hereinafter: the Website) belongs to the company under the corporate name “PRODUCTION, PROCESSING AND TRADE OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS TRAGOS S.A” and the brand title “TRAGOS S.A.” (hereinafter: TRAGOS S.A.) and has been created with the purpose of providing information on its products and activities. The use of the Website requires the unconditional acceptance of and compliance with the present Terms of Use. By making use of any part of the Website, the visitor/user is considered to have read carefully the present Terms of Use and to fully agree with them, to accept them unconditionally and to undertake to fully comply with them.

TRAGOS S.A. reserves the right to amend at any time and without notice the Terms of Use of the Website. By continuing to make use of the Website after an amendment in the Terms of Use, the user is considered to have fully and unconditionally accepted the amended Terms of Use.

With the exception of the intellectual property rights of third parties that are expressly mentioned as such, all intellectual and industrial property rights for the entire content of the Website, included but not limited to trademarks, brand titles, domain names, texts, photographs, pictures, logos etc belong to TRAGOS S.A. and are protected under the national and European legislation in force.

It is prohibited to save, reproduce, republish, transmit or in any other way use any component or part of the Website for commercial purposes. It is allowed to reproduce information or parts of the Website for private use, as well as to cite brief excerpts with an indication of their origin from the Website and mention of the creator’s name (if listed) according to the laws in force.

It should be noted that any use of parts of the Website whose intellectual or industrial property rights belong to a third party, requires permission of the said third party.

The visitor/user of the Website is obligated to use it exclusively for lawful purposes, according to the present Terms of Use and the good morals, and in full compliance with the applicable national, European and international legislation. A non-exclusive, personal and limited right is granted to the user to access and navigate the pages of the Website. The aforementioned access right does not cover the Website source code or any other element that is not accessible by common browsing.

The visitor/user of the Website is obligated to refrain from any illegal, abusive and/or unfair use of the Website and is exclusively responsible for any damage that may be caused to the user themself or any third party from such use.

All information provided on this Website is for purely informative purposes and is not intended to substitute official texts, guidelines and conclusions of competent bodies and authorities. The user of the Website must and is encouraged to seek information from multiple sources in regards to the matters they consider important, especially regarding the components and properties of foods and the practices and methods of their preparation.

Even though TRAGOS S.A. makes an effort to ensure the correctness, accuracy, timeliness and availability of the content of the Website, as well as the correction of any errors, under no circumstances does it guarantee the above and bears no responsibility for any damage that may be caused to the user from the use of the Website content and applications, to which the user proceeds on his own initiative and upon acceptance of the present Terms of Use.

Furthermore, TRAGOS S.A. does not guarantee that the content of the Website will be provided with no interruption and no errors, nor that the company will reply to all communications.

Finally, TRAGOS S.A. does not guarantee that the present Website or the servers via which its content is made available to its visitors/users are provided without viruses or other harmful components, and the cost of fixing any relevant damage burdens exclusively the user. The visitor/user of the Website is solely liable for their equipment and the technological means they use to access the Website, and they are obligated to take, at their expenses, all appropriate technical security measures (e.g. installation of antivirus program) before loading any page of the Website.

The Website may contain links leading to websites of third parties. These links are given exclusively for the Website user’s convenience and the use of such websites is subject to their pertinent terms of use and policies (e.g. data protection and/or Cookies policy). Posting these links on the Website does not mean the acceptance and approval in any way of their content by TRAGOS S.A.. TRAGOS S.A. bears no responsibility for the content of the aforementioned third-party websites, their privacy and data protection policies and the technical security measures implemented by the beneficiaries and administrators of these websites.

  1. In the event that any of the present Terms of Use is deemed invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining terms shall remain valid and enforceable.
  2. Any amendment of the present Terms of Use shall be effected and proven only by its incorporation into the present text and its publishing on this webpage.
  3. The present Terms of Use are governed by the Greek law. Any dispute arising from the present Terms of Use shall be resolved by the Courts of Athens.

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