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Panagiotis (Panos) Verveniotis

Dear Guest,

Allow me a few words about myself and the circumstances from which TRAGOS arose.

I was born and raised in Athens, from where I left to study law in Heidelberg and then Boston. After returning to Greece in the early 2000s and completing my military service, I began working as a lawyer in Athens, where I maintained an office for 20 years.


Perhaps out of love for nature, perhaps because of childhood memories of the days at my grandparents in the “village”, soon after my return to Greece I found myself in the fields. Initially in the family’s olive groves in the area of Athikia (Corinthia/Peloponnese), but quickly in other places and with other crops. I was lucky enough to meet people who could teach me a lot about farming and agricultural products. So, what started out as fun, turned into a journey of knowledge and senses that eventually captivated me.

But perhaps my enthusiasm was not enough for me to make the decision to quit law and dedicate myself to agricultural products. What is mentioned in the presentation of the project was also decisive. It is because of these concerns and goals that I, with the support of a few good friends (initially Nikos and Kostas and soon Dimitris, Ali and Barlas), set up TRAGOS in 2018 and kicked-off this project. We hope to find you fellow travelers!

I hope you enjoy our website and find interesting information on it. If you want to stay in touch with us, you can subscribe to our newsletter through which you will be able to follow our Diary and learn the rest of our news.

You may also want to come to one of our gatherings, such as the annual one during the harvest of the olives. We will be happy to meet you, especially in the fields!

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