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IP & Cookies Policy

IP Address: The present Website of TRAGOS S.A. ( collects your IP address only if you choose to subscribe to our Newsletter.
It is possible, however, that our Website hosting provider collects your IP address for security purposes and maintains it for the time required to ensure the security of our Website. It should be noted that the IP address alone does not suffice to identify you, it does contain, however, information such as the location of your computer and your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Cookies: “Cookies” are little text files containing information, which are stored by the server of a website in the user’s terminal device (computer, mobile phone etc) during navigation on the said website. Through the settings of your browser, you can check which cookies are stored in your device and delete them. Through these settings you can also limit the use of cookies or deactivate them. However, deleting or deactivating cookies may affect the viewing of certain webpages or prevent their proper function.

Cookies are classified as

  • Essential (mandatory) cookies, which are used either for the transfer of a communication via an electronic communications network, or for the provision of an information society service expressly requested by the user. For the use of such cookies, the consent of the user is not required.
  • Non-essential cookies, such as those used to display advertisements to the user (advertising cookies) or to analyze the user’s behavior while navigating the website (analyzing cookies).
  • Session cookies, which are stored in the temporary memory and expire when the user closes the browser.
  • Persistent cookies, which remain in the user’s device for a fixed time-period and expire when it lapses or when the user manually deletes them.
  • First-party cookies, which are installed by the provider of the website visited by the user.
  • Third-party cookies, which are installed by third parties (i.e. social networks) through the provider of the website.

The Website uses the following cookies:







It allows the administrator of the Website to make real-time changes in its content

Essential – technically required for the proper function of the Website





It is used for the popup window for the user’s registration in the list of “Newsletter” recipients. This Cookie collects from the user’s device the information of whether the time limit has passed for the pop-up window to reappear







Our Website does not use advertising cookies, analyzing cookies, nor any third-party cookies.

For more information on Cookies, please visit the following webpages:

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