Winter days

Over Christmas Santa visited the fields and bestowed good rain over the trees! Our trees rely on rainfall, and it is important that the water gets as deep into the ground as possible during the winter so that the trees can still find moisture in this depth during the warm summer months.

After the longer period of rain, cool and bright days followed, and the refreshed trees looked brilliant!

Then it got even better; real winter came, and on the night of 17th to 18th January it even snowed a little on the groves! Snow is quite unusual in this region, which belongs to the driest parts of the country, and it is a true blessing! On the one hand, the olive tree needs low temperatures to bud well, and on the other, snow melts slowly, so it soaks the ground well and deeply. Especially in olive groves that are built on a slope, which is ideal and often the case, the rainwater runs off quickly and only a small part of it can be absorbed by the soil.

We were quite excited that it snowed. Our joy was such that we couldn’t keep the camera still, as you can see…


These days the trees are being fertilized. It is important to supply the trees with nutrients from time to time, otherwise the soil becomes poor and the trees cannot be productive. For fertilization, a fertilizer obtained naturally from goat manure is used. This is not only nutrient-rich, but also clean, since the goats usually graze outdoors. We also think that it can only bring luck and the trees will grow better and bear fruit if the Tragos (billy goat) also contributes his part.

In summary, everything is going well so far. Above all, the weather has played along very well and given us great hopes. But it is still too early, we are still in winter, and until the harvest we can expect smaller or bigger catastrophes in several places. We will keep you up to date as soon as there is an opportunity.

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