One should not be too hasty in rejoicing...

It is the end of June and summer has really started in Corinth. At this time, the fruits have formed and grown enough to be recognized on the branches.

For this year we had great hopes that the harvest would be good. After all, it was a rather long and cold winter with good rain and even snow, so with ideal conditions for the olive tree. And indeed, at the beginning of May, we noted with great satisfaction that the trees were loaded with flower buds.

But a nasty surprise awaited us: the first heat wave of the year occurred in the last week of May, when the trees were in full bloom. The heat at that time “burns” the flowers, so that no fruits can develop from them. The aim of this visit was to assess the extent of the damage.

View of the Monolos Grove

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Fruiting Branches!

Unfortunately, the inspection did indeed show that the majority of the trees did not form fruits. Unwatered trees, like ours, cannot keep their flowers fresh in high heat; the flowers wilt and fall off. Roughly estimated, about 75% of our trees were affected in this way by the May heat.

However, the microclimate plays a big role, so that on some groves or locations within the groves, where moisture is more present or better preserved, the trees still bear fruit. This gives us hope that this year there will be something to harvest, at least more than in the catastrophic previous year. However, the time until September is critical; it is especially important that it rains occasionally and that the temperatures do not stay too high for too long. Please keep your fingers crossed for us!

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