News from the Groves!

At the beginning of June, and the flowering season of the olive trees has ended and fruit has been formed. Now it is possible to make a first rough estimate of the prospects for the harvest.

Olive branch with freshly formed fruits

Unfortunately, this year’s outlook is not very encouraging.

Most trees bear little fruit. This is mainly due to the warm winter, but also to the natural cycle of the olive tree.

The importance of these two factors has been discussed in our previous reports.

The “cotton infestation” (more about it in our report from 17.4.) will probably also have a negative impact on the harvest. Especially when the trees have few flowers, as is the case this year, it is important to control the (olive tree) louse.

Despite his many efforts, Elton did not succeed in completely winning the fight against the pest.

Meanwhile, the harvest is also threatened by the drought. It hasn’t rained in the region for a long time and the trees are suffering from a lack of water. Without moisture, trees won’t be able to keep their fruit and form it well.

But not everything looks black. The good care of the trees has greatly strengthened their foliage; so unless the rain fails completely, next year they will be healthier and better able to bear fruit well.

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Flowers affected by the “louse”

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