Midsummer Inspection!

It’s almost the end of July and summer is well under way. By now the fruit should be well established and this is also the time when new pests, most notably the olive fruit fly, could threaten the crop. An inspection of the groves is now required!

Unfortunately, there has been no rain in the region for more than 1 ½ months and the water stress on the trees, especially the young ones, has increased. Elton has to water the newly planted trees regularly to keep them alive. Still, the trees are doing well overall and their foliage remains strong and healthy.

This is probably due to the good care of the trees in spring, especially foliar fertilization with an organic fertilizer based on seaweed. Still, some rain would be very welcome now and all hope is pinned on the summer thunderstorms, which do occasionally occur but are by no means guaranteed.

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Unfortunately, the inspection confirmed our initial assessment that the harvest will be poor this year. Although more olive trees were added to the project in autumn, so that around 350 trees are now being cared for, it is questionable whether the harvest volume from last year will be reached.

After all, so far there are no signs of pests. In particular, the dreaded olive fruit fly was not sighted. She pierces a hole in the fruit and lays her eggs there. The larva then eats through the fruit and develops into a pupa.

The best ally against the fly are their natural enemies, the birds, and luckily their population in the region is still quite healthy!

Unlike our visits in winter and spring, this time there was nothing to taste in the groves.

Trying to taste the adult capers that grow wild in various groves, such as “Dardeza”, turned out to be senseless; the fruits are now bland and tasteless.

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Like most inspection days, this one too ended at Elton’s home. This time not only to enjoy the delicious food from his wife Maria and the fine wine from the neighbor Dimitris, but also to admire the used pickup track that Elton bought a few weeks ago with the help of TRAGOS.

It’s a small and old car, but it still has some life in it and will do the job for now!

A new era is dawning with the new, used vehicle! Καλορίζικο (“may it have a good fate”) Elton!

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