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Medea passed by..

From 14th February 2021, the storm “Medea” is passing over Greece. In the meantime, it is subsiding. Medea brought low temperatures and a lot of snow; it really became winter! Now we had hoped that “Medea” would also bless our olive trees with snow. But of all places, it didn’t snow in Corinth; Medea, this tragic figure of Greek mythology, apparently still hurts this place too much; this is where she lost the love of her husband, Iason (Jason), to another woman. It was of all days Valentine’s Day, when she didn’t want to be reminded of it.

A snowfall would have been very favorable now, when the ground is already softened by rain and the fertilizer is scattered on it. Nevertheless, it did rain some during these days and it got really cold, which is important for the plant’s cycle. Also, winter is not over yet and we can still hope for a snow!

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