The foliar fertilization!

The “small” grove in Voulgaraki

We mentioned a few days ago (read our entry from April 10, 2024) that foliar fertilization is now necessary to supply the trees with nutrients. 

On Tuesday, April 16th, it was not warm, the sky was covered with light clouds and there was hardly any wind. These are the perfect conditions for foliar fertilization!

Elton wanted to take advantage of the good conditions and started early on the Monolos Grove. Afterwards, and with the help of the Tragos founder, Panos, who had arrived in the meantime, the two groves, “small” and “large”, in Voulgaraki were taken on. In several groves the trees are strong and have produced abundant inflorescences; The nutrients will now be very good for them!

Foliar fertilization of the “small” grove in Voulgaraki

Further foliar fertilizations are to take place in the next few weeks and as long as the weather is favorable. They will stop when fruit has formed and the sun has become too aggressive.

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