Our young, old olive grove!


First spring (April 2021) after the fire; the olive tree starts again!

In our last report (December 28th, 2023) we announced that we plan to restore the old olive grove, which burned down completely in the summer of 2020. Now that time has come.

Of course, nature has already done most of it; Where the tree was burned down to the roots, bushes over 2 meters high have now emerged. Now man must just choose the sapling that should remain – it must be as strong and vertically oriented as possible – and remove all the others around it. And the new tree has already emerged!

A really tall shrub, the olive bush; Way bigger than Elton!
The selected sapling must be as strong and vertically oriented as possible
A young, old olive tree with “liberator” Elton!
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Young, old, wild olive trees!

“Bogdani Prolisio” is a small grove; There are only eleven trees on it. Our ancestors planted the trees at large intervals so that they would not have to compete with each other for food and moisture. Despite its small size, this grove is special because not only are these trees old and young at the same time, but they are not grafted. This will create a wild olive tree grove here!

And we think it will quickly become a grove of big, strong trees. Because the shoots may look young and slender, but they are supported by the huge roots of the old burnt down tree! This will really give them a boost!

Otherwise, the news from the area is not very optimistic. The winter has been too mild so far; there were hardly any cold days and too little rain. There is concern that this year may also be a very bad one for olive cultivation and tree farming in general.


Another “glorious” day. We would have loved to photograph our beautiful area covered in snow.

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