And yet they are blossoming!

Inflorescences on Monolos-Grove!

It’s a big surprise; though this time a positive one: the trees are producing inflorescences!

We were worried that the trees would hardly produce any flower buds this year due to the mild and rainless winter. But yes, they are there! Although not on all groves yet, things are looking great on the Monolos grove already and the other groves are coming!

A brief euphoric moment of course, because there are new worries now: will the flowers really be fertile and will temperatures remain moderate during the flowering period? And anyway, how (hot) will the summer be? The matter remains exciting.

But we are preparing for everything to go well. During the next 30 days there will be at least one foliar fertilization with various nutrients (including organic amino acids and boron) so that the trees can grow well and produce fruit (boron is important for this). The trees should also be sprayed with a mix made from household soap and alcohol to prevent louse infestation (on louse infestation, read our report from April 17, 2021). So, there much to be done and it’s a long road to the harvest. We will keep you up to date!

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