A fresh spring can't fix everything either!


Rather a rarity: a long, fresh and rainy spring

It has been a long time (possibly since 2009) since Greece, and in particular the dry region of Corinth, has experienced such a long, fresh and rainy spring. Rain and sun alternate, so the groves get both. The inspection on May 5, 2023 should therefore be a solemn affair.

But it didn’t turn out that way. Yes, the ground was deeply soaked and the trees looked fresh and strong. They have also developed many young leaves. But flowers were nowhere to be seen! And without flowers there are no fruits.

It is difficult to imagine that flowers may still develop; it should be too late for that. The best hope is that some trees in some groves will have blossoms, because not all groves could be thoroughly inspected due to the mud and the rain intervals. Otherwise, there will probably be a total crop failure this year. And that’s to be expected, because our agrotechnician, Aris, and befriended producers from the region also confirmed the catastrophe. It particularly affects the ‘Manaki’ trees, while the ‘Koroneiki’, which originates from the even milder region of Koroni in south-western Peloponnese, is blooming this year yet again.

A possible cause for the situation might lie in the natural cycle of the olive tree. The olive tree produces well every other year and last year would have been a year of plenty if the heat wave at the end of May hadn’t “burned” most of the blossoms (you can read our reports from April to June 2022). But that alone probably doesn’t sufficiently explain the complete absence of flowers. Rather, the cause seems to lie in the previous warm and dry winter. Olive trees need a certain hours of cold(about 500-550 hours at about 5 °C) to be able to form flower-bearing buds and the trees probably didn’t get enough cold last winter.


Healthy foliage and lots of fresh leaves. But no flowers anywhere..


A strong tree has a better chance of surviving the summer!

Nevertheless, the ongoing spring is not useless. After all, the trees will enter the summer fresh and strong and should thus also reach autumn in a better condition. Especially when you consider that the temperatures in Spain reached 38 °C and in neighboring Italy around 30 °C at the end of April, you have to be thankful. But olive oil will be particularly scarce next year, especially as the early heat has wreaked havoc in Spain and Italy. So, we can only advise you to top up this year. Because olive oil stays fresh and tasty for a long time if it is stored properly, i.e. airtight, cool and dark!

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